Not a country, interpol. and ref.: Employees of american embassies

One interpol-case lead with the neurohypnotical weapon. Descrition provoced (well provoced, in a discussion from a secretary working in the local dependance of Cisco (85748 Garching).
(I'm quite crying while publishing that.)

1. "We think it might be China"? No, maybe it has been (somebody like) Interpol once!

Sometimes I am able to believe, that it has been Interpol or sth like that. The following is a simplyfied description, but at least it should be understandable.

The technology should have been used, to find a critical local reader of a local corrupt bad scientifical book (korruptes Machwerk) to lead the case locally against it.

It can used like that: It can see the pieces of the book from space everywhere, in houses or apartments too, and nothing else. And then it can test the brains of the owner a bit, if they are usable. It ended up in me.

So 2006 I felt in a situation, that I had to do something. And wrote a very bad and angry text against the "korrupte Machwerk" and sent it to the local lawyance in state (Staatsanwaltschaft München 1, Linprunstraße). I did not know a better address. A
nd I have not been a lawyer or a medicine nor a psychologist. I have been a person who would have preferred to save its studies of informatics somehow. And of course - the technology took a quite competent critical reader - has read much psychoanalytical works till then.

This is a smplified description In reality, there ended up three to five cases at me, in me. And this has not been the main case. And in two other cases I wrote good texts. One case is the neurohypnotical weapon itself. In a third case, I wrote a very to [mild] accusing text.

And maybe not exactly that happens. But sth like that. I still own some answering letters from these authorities of this years. And own the corrupt Machwerk.

So, also this case got won somehow - but still, after I filed in to the lawyance in state - the book got re-edited (überarbeitet) and the publishing house got sold somehow (to Elsevier).

But this selbstgerechte country I live in never gave me a usable feedback, nor offered me any fair financial compensation.
I knew quite fast, that I filed in a very bad text - but had no chance to re-edit it. I worked out a überarbeitete version somewhen. But I did not publish it, its my own. A part of it ended up on a self-printed T-Shirt.

Maybe they paid somebody else for the [mir verursachten cerebralen Aufwand]. It's a bad corrupt tradition in this country, to behave like that. Which is called "Mord und Unterschlagung" from normal people.
I believe, that other human beings have been killed. Through that Anspruchshaltung from the local authorities.

I got as feedback 2006 in an mysterious e-mail from the Landgericht München, in which I should comment a statistical study to any psychopharmacological pills (or sth. near to that). My answer has been short and clear. And at least they found out, that I have must have read quite much psychoanalytical works and let me in peace.
And today: So I should work any more for zero Euro the hour for that authorities or what?

I mean, I am watching. But I do not work for zero Euro the hour. So I willfully did not engage me in that case any more until the year 2020. Then I bought the new version of this "korrupte Machwerk." (Elsevier).
The local bookshop does not sell it, only the expensive hardcover-version.
The text parts about psychoanalysis are completely new, fulfill partly my demands from 2006 (respect). The text parts are sourced out to other authors than the Dr. med. Michael Rentrop from the TU (at least from 2000 to 2020). But they are a subtile provocation against anybody, who did good things with psychoanalysis in Germany for decades... And I do not accept their criteria for being good for psychoanalysis. I would judge them again negatively. "Raus."
And my text is standing, but not public. Only a part of it, because I printed it on a T-Shirt: "The psychoanalyses was often a a minority, but is nothing, that one can let memorize in two sentences."
Only the neurohypnotical weapon (and its rulers) knows the full text - because it knows every letter in my apartment.

2. You mentioned, that some american employees of embassys are descirbing similar symptoms.

I interprete it like that:
They might been recruited as second source or second testifier or as a kind of personal security for sb. like me. (I mean, sb. like me is very weak in media rights and against the local (corrupt) psychiatry, and ...).
To describe it, made it less violent at me. Maybe this idea helps.

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