Psychiatric dimension

It has been psychiatric too, has psychiatric designs (I named it "Hypnosewaffendesigns" in my books) too.

It has a, has been in a psychiatric mode too. It can provoce and or escalate psychotic symptoms. but this might been in the context of a case too. But it should have been used in the sense of accelerated analytical enlightment of youth traumatisation. That could have worked, if I could have stayed in Berlin. It did not work in Bavaria (my parents fetched me back then). The psychiatry here was and is too repressive or stupid or corrupt, however you want to see it. It is not in this mode in me any more since at least 2003.

There exist criminal opinions and fractions in this part of the world, that the neuroypnotical weapon in my body shall be schizophrenia on my part.
That in combination with: "We have mistreated him in the middle school that mean, that he will kindly have schizophrenia later in his live." And similar.
And, or fractions who might have known how to mistread another pupils, so that this psychiatrical weapon wanted to appear.
I do not share these opinions at all. Of course not.

That is the point why I do not want to publish, where I work. Such people, they could appear, come back, demand something in this direction. They might be in powerful positions today. There has been a criminal intent against me in these youth-times. They could want to come back.

Wenn ich so jemanden mal direkt erwischen würde, hätte ich auch einen ganz eindeutigen Vorschlag: Für einen vorsätzlichen Rechtsbruch, der Todesfolgen in Kauf nimmt, gibts in diesem, unseren Teil der Welt ungefähr 8 Jahre Haft, so weit ich weiß.

My case study to me means: One attacked the leftish and liberal intellgenzija (meaning me) with sexual betrayal in these young years, when they are most vulnerable. Sexual betrayal can have many forms. Sexual betrayal is not sexual crime in my eyes, because the last one's game is another one, lust. The first ones game is damaging (Schaden anrichten) or financial profit.

One shall not combine the neurohypnotical weapon with psychopharmaka by several reasosn.
The neurohypnotical waepon can measure the effects of medications and them impede.

Neuroleptica make the human will weaker. Make those who take them more betrayable. Make them more gullibly, trustingly. Less resistant against all that betrayal, the hypnotical weapon is using on one.

Neuroleptica make the people trist, who has to take them. By reasonable reasons. The neurohypnotical weapon can make its games suicidal. Can switch suicidal feelings on and off. With neuroleptica combined, a suicide attempt is more probable. More than probable, nearly logical.

(I have to say that, again).